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I thought I would tell you about my first and only encounter with a man. I have 25 years and 7 years ago was going through a period of adjustment. I had just turned 18 and ran around some fields near where I live. I worked shifts in a pub and will run at different times. One day, I think it was a Saturday, I was running in the afternoon, when I approached a group mrsextube of trees and shrubs. I slowed my breath, and heard some moaning, curiosity, I decided to investigate. I crawled through the bushes and the groans grew louder, until I found the source of the noise. is front of me a clear three men, two were with their pants at the ankles and a knee in black stockings and black lingerie. He was one of the other men sucking cock, while the third man saw his tail was soft, but I could see cum on her knees mrsextube Mans cheek so it took just cum. The man suddenly sucked his penis with a tight and loud moan pushed his cock on her knees and approached the man's mouth. My cock was rock hard, I had never thought of anything sexual with another man, but I was very happy what I saw. The two men pulled her pants and left the course, the opposite side, where I was. The man mrsextube in stockings and panties and pushed to the brink of disaster, I could see his hard cock Pocking mrsextube the top of the writings and knew I had to play. I started going forward and the man looked at me and froze. He was caught a little worried, like him, but when I talked to him he put his softening cock in his hand and squeezed it. I had no idea what he was doing, I had to go mrsextube on instinct and not think about it. I slid my hand down his pants and freed his cock, mrsextube slowly masturbated me feel grow and harden, the feeling of love in my hand. I dropped to my knees and pushed it against his belly, running my tongue from the base of his tail to the head, tickling the sensitive skin around his thickpurple head. I did a couple of times before his head in my mouth and run my tongue around the slot. I tasted his cum before. I've never had one before and sucked his dick was what I liked to do to me, but by the sounds he was doing, I wanted to do a good job. I sucked hard on the head and straw to its axis with one hand. I took their eggs in the other, feeling their weight. I felt his cock twitch in her mouth, and he said : 'I'm cumin ' out of the tail I do not want to end up in my mouth and he shot his cum all over my cheek and arm. I masturbate cock so that each drop and felt that was dripping in my hand. I stood up and rubbed his hard cock through my shorts. He has his knees and pulled my pants and looked at me as she took my head hard on the mouth. I turned away so that only a few seconds in your mouth hot and humid I felt my orgasm began. I wanted to cum in her mouth, when I saw the other men. So I grabbed his head and began to move quickly condemnedg mouth. I felt my orgasm building and blew a shot in the mouth I'm hard on the back of the throat and felt sick in my semen. It was the mrsextube most powerful cum I've done. swallowed my cum and stood up. I pulled my shorts and ran. I was, mrsextube which is over the fields was confused for a while. Now I'm comfortable with being a heterosexual man who likes to play occasionally with men, but the fields have been built and are a housing stock. Still I have my memories, and still makes me think seriously about running in the afternoon.
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